Consumer Direct Florida

Consumer Direct began providing self-directed services in Florida in 2013.  Our goal is to provide quality support so you and your team are successful in managing your service and supports.

Self-directed services give you:

  • More choice
  • More flexibility
  • More control
  • More independence

This results in a higher level of satisfaction and quality of life in your home and community.

You are responsible for directing your own care or for choosing a representative to assist you.

For information about Consumer Direct Florida, call toll free: 1 (877) 270-9580.

Health Insurance Marketplace Available Oct 1

Beginning January 1, 2014, individuals and employees of small businesses will have access to affordable coverage through a new competitive private health insurance market – the Health Insurance Marketplace.

What is the Health Insurance Marketplace?
The Marketplace is designed to help individuals find health insurance that meets their needs and fits their budget. The Marketplace offers “one-stop shopping” to find and compare private health insurance options. Individuals and employees of small businesses may also be eligible for a new kind of tax credit that lowers their monthly premium. Open enrollment for health insurance coverage through the Marketplace begins in October 2013 for coverage starting as early as January 1, 2014.

How Can I Get More Information?
The Marketplace can help you evaluate health coverage options, including eligibility for coverage through the Marketplace and its cost. Please call 1-800-318-2596 or visit for more information, including an online application for health insurance coverage and contact information for a Health Insurance Marketplace in your area.

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